Testing, Testing...

Whatever You do here, it will not be saved!


Your Scribble:

x-position: (0..500)

y-position: (0..300)

Font Size:
Tilt: (-90..90)

Write Your scribble in the "Your Scribble" box. Select a color in the scrolling List called "Color". Select font in the scrolling list called "Font". Select x-position (0 to 500) in the "x-position" box. Select y-position (0 to 300) in the "y-position" box. Select font size (10 to 36) in the scrolling list called "Font Size". Select the tilt (-90 to 90 degrees) that You want on Your scribble. Then, just click the button marked "Testing".

fonts Hints
A maximum of 30 characters are allowed. The x-position is counted in pixels from the left side. The y-position is counted from the top. Don't start too far to the right, since that might mean that your scribble disappears beyond the right hand side. For the same reason, don't start too close to the other sides. Try to chose a color that don't disappears against the background. To the right You can see what the fonts look like.

Whatever You do here, it will not be saved!

If You for some reason wants to save your scribble, save it as a gif image by right clicking on it and select "save image as". (This is basically how to do it, but it may differ with different browsers.)

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