K'Kree Poll Comments

The K'Kree Poll made some noise on the Traveller Mailing List:

Joe Alberti wrote:
I am surprised that there is such negative reaction to the K'Kree. They are very alien and a great challenge to play as a PC. The most enjoyment and challenge I had playing Traveller was playing a K'Kree extended family travelling across the Imperium on a mission.

I like all the Traveller aliens. In fact, I have never played a human PC in the game. I have either played a Vargr , Hiver (only once), or K'Kree (never just an individual K'Kreer, but a group). I enjoy learning an alien psychology and getting into the role as a PC.

I also foung it challenging and fun to design K'Kree starships using High Guard and MegaTraveller rules.

If anybody needs someone to play some K'Kree in one of their games, contact me. I miss playing them.

On how to include the K'Kree in a game Leonard Erickson wrote :
A "full" 36 parsec misjump can change *that* :-)

Dan Lane wrote:
I care about the K'Kree.

They make excellent dog food. This alone should make the Vargr very appreciative of their existence. And don't underestimate their intrinsic "glue" value either...

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