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WriteUps for planets in the Foreven Sector.

To help the participants of the 76 Patrons Contest with ideas, I have decided to list a number of writeups for planets in the Foreven Sector here. Most of these writeups are for the TNE era, but personally I hope your entries are written for the classic era. It is usually possible to extract some information about the planet in the classic era from these TNE writeups.

For more information about the Foreven Sector (and classic data) go here.

Urnian Subsector

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Press release from Hell Creek Sanitarium

Hell Creek Sanitarium is proud to announce its forthcoming line of Foreven Sector products for the Mongoose Publishing edition of Traveller!

The Foreven Sector has long remained a hotbed of intrigue, discovery, and exploration. All of the major races have been drawn to this sector bordering the Spinward Marches. Merchants and corsairs alike have braved all four Frontier Wars to stake their claims or break the name of a competitor here. What will you discover when you cross the border?

Foreven Sector web developers Per-Olof Bergstedt, James Kundert, Dylan Lee, and Peter Gray have graciously given us permission to use their material in our products, in addition to our own developments in the sector. Book 0: A Sector Overview will be forthcoming this year, followed by books detailing the worlds of various powers, including the Mnemosyne Principality, Orinth Pactworlds, Avalar Consulate, and the Aorlakht Covenant.

The Foreven Sector line marks just the beginning of Hell Creek’s Traveller products, which will include adventures, campaign books, and gameplay aids.

Hell Creek Sanitarium is a gaming PDF publishing house based in Omaha, Nebraska, started in 2008 by Norman Pavlov and Dale Meier.

 Book 0 Book 1

Note: Preliminary book covers. Final version may look different.

Foreven Canon Question

I’m curious as to which parts of your Foreven sector are canonical and which are invented. The subsector names, the worlds placement, and the political borders are canon, yes?

I’ve found sources which claim that there are only 5 world names and UPPs in Foreven which are canonical: Alenzar, Raschev, Hollis, Reidain and Urnian. Is this correct?

While I respect the work put in on zho.berka’s version of Foreven, if you could also post a “just the canon” version of Foreven as well, it would make it a lot easier on Ref’s like myself who want to make use of the sector’s “Ref’s preserve” status for a homebrew campaign, but don’t have access to Imperiallines #1. We need to know which parts are OTU canon and which parts are open to development.

Thanks for your time and attention,