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Another big hex

I thought I should try a variation on the big hex style. This time for an important star system in the Spinward Marches.

All planets (except Cipango) was made with GIMP plug-ins. The Cipango ring system was made with the planet rings GIMP plug-in. The planet Cipango was made from an old texture that I have used for other maps of Cipango.


The distances for the planets from their “sun” Cipango-Taiyoo is calculated using a modified Titius-Bode law. Using the formula below for the Cipango system:

a = 0.7 + 0.2 · 2 m

For our solar system the formula is:

a = 0.4 + 0.3 · 2 m

Where a is the distance in AU, and m is the orbit number. (Where m is 1 for Earth.) The modification of the Titius-Bode law was needed to fit two planet orbits into the habitable zone. This gives the Cipango system a total of 3 garden worlds.

New hex style

Travelling between different places in a solar system takes time. Sometimes it will even be faster to make a micro (in-system) jump than using the M-drive.

When jumping to a system, it might be important to know where to get free fuel. If you have a cargo or passengers for the main planet, then it might not be economical to go to a gas giant (to get free fuel) in the outer system as well. Even if the main planet has oceans, you might not be allowed to refuel in these. If you don’t have any cargo or passengers or any other business to the main planet, then you might want to jump directly to the gas giant instead. There you can refuel and jump to the next destination.

How can you plot all the relevant information for a system in a hex on the subsector map? My idea is to divide the hex in six triangles, and show the most important planets with the important moons in each triangle. If there aren’t enough important planets, just leave some triangles empty. But as a minimum 2-3 triangles should have planets. I have put the gas giants in the right part of the hex, just like where the gas giant icon is usually placed.

This is my example for the Terra system. What do you think?

Terra Hex

Aek Elakfough – Gvurrdon 0439

The biggest problem with this planet is that has TL-G and a population of zero. In the maps here at the Zhodani Base that uses data from Galactic, the population has been modified to reflect the situation a few years later. But in the original source (AM-3 Vargr) the UWP is:

0439 A000002-G     Lo nIn As   220Va  K8 V  M7 D

Okay, so we got 2 Vargrs running a class A starport at TL-G. That seems a bit unlikely… It might be that they have lots of robots running the starport and the TL-G production facilities. Where did all those TL-G robots come from?

Another idea is that the only thing they produce at their asteroid base is coffee, and that they once visited Darrian and bought an old coffee machine. When the Impie Scouts visited Aek Elakfough they noticed that the only thing produced was coffee from a TL-G coffee machine. So these scouts followed their scout protocol and noted that this was indeed a TL-G world… They also noted that the two Vargrs were engineers and could (if they wanted to) overhaul starships on their asteroid base. Voila, it must be a class A starport…

Another problem with TL-G for Vargrs are that on page 29 in AM3, the maximum TL for Vargr is F. But on the other hand, that is the same page that have a table for Aslan Morale.

Roger Malmstein has also tried to answer the questions about Aek Elakfough and has written a document about it.

The Iron Stars Subsector

I have looked at three more subsectors from the Oolite Universe.  The Iron Stars is subsector N. This subsectors have lots of industrial worlds.

@SUB-SECTOR: The Iron Stars
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Rabedira      0940 B546977-9    Hi In           A  312 Hc
Quzadi        1035 B7779CC-9    Hi In           R  422 Hc
Aona          1036 A445975-D  N Hi In Cp           525 Hc
Leleer        1039 C4449AC-8    Hi In           A  313 Hc
Qucerere      1040 B7577AC-8    Ag                 310 Hc
Biarge        1133 A666777-C  N Ri                 424 Hc
Onusorle      1134 D843954-8    Hi In Po           300 Hc
Usrarema      1140 A6769CB-C  N Hi In              513 Sr
Vebege        1231 E677973-6    Hi In           A  222 Hc
Entizadi      1237 A4469BC-C  N Hi In           A  512 Hc
Rateedar      1331 B576976-A    Hi In           R  414 Hi
Cetiisqu      1338 D543957-7    Hi In Po           210 Hc
Geerra        1434 D456743-5    Ag                 211 Hc
Usanat        1437 D6777AB-4    Ag                 212 Hc
Digebiti      1531 C843956-8    Hi In Po        A  300 Hc
Soladies      1540 C6777A9-6    Ag                 213 Hc

The Iron Stars

All maps in this post made using Traveller Map Post Function.

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Old Worlds Subsector

You might recognize this subsector? I have tried to make it more travelleresque. Please comment if You have any ideas on how to improve this.

@SUB-SECTOR: Old Worlds
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Relaes        0121 A8759CC-B  N Hi In              412 Hc
Orrere        0123 C6437CA-7    Po                 300 Hc
Uszaa         0125 C444972-8    Hi In           A  324 Hc
Riedquat      0129 E853873-4    Po              A  210 Hr
Ra            0222 E4208CA-5    Po              A  310 Hc
Diso          0228 B879745-8    Ag                 110 Ff
Leesti        0230 B4409CB-B    Hi In Po           511 Hc
Quator        0322 C777973-7    Hi In           A  222 Hc
Reorte        0324 C8577A7-6    Ag              A  310 Ff
Lave          0328 B5647A5-5    Ri Ag              213 Hc
Zaonce        0530 A5779CD-C  N Hi In Cp           525 Hc
Aesbion       0622 B8979CC-A    Hi In           R  521 Gf
Qutiri        0628 A787875-9    Ri              A  322 Ff
Isinor        0630 C85777A-7    Ag                 400 Sf
Isence        0721 A887874-9    Ri              A  311 Fh
Aronar        0726 C753753-8    Po                 101 Hc
Ontiat        0830 B866879-7    Ag              R  321 Gl

Old Worlds

Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.