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A Vargr Subsector – Uksoulez Subsector

Using the ideas form the previous post, I wanted to make a Vargr subsector. I used my random subsector generator and selected Vargr as race and backwater as settlement. Everything else was using the default settings. Using this subsector I also wanted to try the new print style at TravellerMap.

I must have been very lucky. On the first try a very nice subsector was generated. I only had to move three worlds to make room for the names of the Interstellar States.

There are backwater independent worlds and 2 interstellar states here. Lets find the adventure and the place called home. To do so we need to invent some background for this subsector. Lets say that the Tingoeg Union is an expansive Vargr State, and that the Kague Territory is the reaction to that. To stop the Tingoeg Union expansion a charismatic Vargr called Kague united a number of planets. That was 100 years ago. Now these 2 states have fought a few wars, and there is currently a cold war going on. The independent planets are part of a neutral zone.

Adventure can then be found in lots of places in the subsector. Some ideas;

  • At Unaets (2119) the PCs can help the Kague Territory can set up a spy station.
  • Ozadzugh (2114) is balkanized. Tingoeg Union and Kague Territory support different nations. The PCs can spy or fight in wars.
  • Dzaloukh (1720) has tech-level 0. Has there been a war here? The PCs can help survivors.
  • A J-1 ship can reach lots of worlds in both interstellar states. The PCs can trade and do other jobs using their old J-1 trader.
  • Gnuengarr (2014) is a low tech world with almost no atmosphere. The PCs can ship supplies here, and someone might try to stop them.

A place called home might be Uksoulez (2013). It’s a high population world where the PCs might know some people that can help them or can employ them. An alternative might be Dourtsuen (2214).

Uksoulez Subsector
Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.
Click map for larger version!

All ideas from the previous post are now fulfilled. There are a number of backwater independent worlds. There are 2 interstellar states. There are obvious adventures. Finally, a place that can feel as home has been suggested.

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What makes a subsector popular?

After asking about the preferred subsector in the Spinward Marches on facebook and on CotI we can see what the online community think. From the results I have created a color coded chart for popularity. More green is more popular.

Most popular subsectors

Here we can see that the most popular subsectors are District 268 and Regina.

The reason for District 268 seems to be that it has lots of independent backwater worlds, that are great for adventure, and are close to the Imperium and the Sword Words so that there also can be some interstellar diplomatic intrigues.

For Regina, a good reason is that the players and referees feel at home here.  A lot has been published for this subsector. The first adventure (The Kinunir) started here.

Another slightly less popular subsector is the Sword Worlds. Who does not like this subsector, partly borrowed from H. Beam Piper? Rhylanor and Jewell are also popular. Probably since these are close to Regina, and also have published adventures within them.

The least popular subsectors are Lanth, Lunion and Mora. Lanth is quite divided. Its worlds more feels like they are part of Rhylanor, Vilis and Regina subsectors. Lunion and Mora are quite ordinary, and does not really have the interesting features that the popular subsectors have.

What lessons can we learn from this (if we want to create an interesting subsector)?

  • There should be some backwater independent worlds.
  • There should be 2 or more interstellar states quite close.
  • There should be obvious adventures.
  • There should be a place that can feel as home.

Merry X-Mas

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

Santa Subsector
Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.
Click map for larger version!

Gryla              1724 A464663-9 S Ag Ri             613 Im
Befana             1729 C325669-6                     212 Im
Fouettard          1822 BA87655-9 N Ag Ri             512 Im
Jultomten          1824 B4748AD-6 N                   224 Im
Vixen              1826 A458756-E   Ag                404 Im
Joulupukki         1829 C661547-4   Ni                204 Im
Zwarte Piet        1921 B657102-8 N Lo Ni             123 Im
Prancer            1924 E73A233-8   Lo Ni Wa          314 Im
Vertep             1930 B877532-A S Ag Ni             314 Im
Olentzero          2021 E7A0334-5   De Lo Ni          412 Im
Dancer             2023 B98A255-A   Lo Ni Wa          223 Im
Dasher             2024 C67A644-9 S Wa                224 Im
Santa              2025 A946AAA-E N Hi In Cp          234 Im
Sinterklaas        2027 B97A558-B   Ni Wa             502 Im
Comet              2124 C9A8353-A S Fl Lo Ni          323 Im
Cupid              2126 A410437-A   Ni                100 Im
Pere Noel          2128 C386566-8 S Ag Ni             114 Im
Pelzebock          2130 E99488B-3                     702 Im
Donner             2222 C000644-A S As Na             413 Im
Blitzen            2223 C310202-7 S Lo Ni             325 Im
Krampus            2322 B7C1201-B S Fl Lo Ni        A 103 Im
Hanstrapp          2323 BAE8533-A 2 Fl Ni             112 Im
Schmutzli          2324 B564340-7   Lo Ni             300 Im
Rudolph            2326 X352655-1   Po              R 100 Im
Buzebergt          2328 A464200-A   Lo Ni             315 Im
Ruprecht           2422 C350651-8   De Po             235 Im
Ded Moroz          2424 A371454-C N Ni                223 Im

The idea for this was from a popular post on the facebook Zhodani Base page. This version is updated with a few ideas from the comments at facebook. So running an idea at facebook, before posting it at the base is quite useful. If You want to be able to influence the posts at the base, you should join the Zhodani Base facebook page.