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Old Worlds Subsector

You might recognize this subsector? I have tried to make it more travelleresque. Please comment if You have any ideas on how to improve this.

@SUB-SECTOR: Old Worlds
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Relaes        0121 A8759CC-B  N Hi In              412 Hc
Orrere        0123 C6437CA-7    Po                 300 Hc
Uszaa         0125 C444972-8    Hi In           A  324 Hc
Riedquat      0129 E853873-4    Po              A  210 Hr
Ra            0222 E4208CA-5    Po              A  310 Hc
Diso          0228 B879745-8    Ag                 110 Ff
Leesti        0230 B4409CB-B    Hi In Po           511 Hc
Quator        0322 C777973-7    Hi In           A  222 Hc
Reorte        0324 C8577A7-6    Ag              A  310 Ff
Lave          0328 B5647A5-5    Ri Ag              213 Hc
Zaonce        0530 A5779CD-C  N Hi In Cp           525 Hc
Aesbion       0622 B8979CC-A    Hi In           R  521 Gf
Qutiri        0628 A787875-9    Ri              A  322 Ff
Isinor        0630 C85777A-7    Ag                 400 Sf
Isence        0721 A887874-9    Ri              A  311 Fh
Aronar        0726 C753753-8    Po                 101 Hc
Ontiat        0830 B866879-7    Ag              R  321 Gl

Old Worlds

Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.

Press release from Hell Creek Sanitarium

Hell Creek Sanitarium is proud to announce its forthcoming line of Foreven Sector products for the Mongoose Publishing edition of Traveller!

The Foreven Sector has long remained a hotbed of intrigue, discovery, and exploration. All of the major races have been drawn to this sector bordering the Spinward Marches. Merchants and corsairs alike have braved all four Frontier Wars to stake their claims or break the name of a competitor here. What will you discover when you cross the border?

Foreven Sector web developers Per-Olof Bergstedt, James Kundert, Dylan Lee, and Peter Gray have graciously given us permission to use their material in our products, in addition to our own developments in the sector. Book 0: A Sector Overview will be forthcoming this year, followed by books detailing the worlds of various powers, including the Mnemosyne Principality, Orinth Pactworlds, Avalar Consulate, and the Aorlakht Covenant.

The Foreven Sector line marks just the beginning of Hell Creek’s Traveller products, which will include adventures, campaign books, and gameplay aids.

Hell Creek Sanitarium is a gaming PDF publishing house based in Omaha, Nebraska, started in 2008 by Norman Pavlov and Dale Meier.

 Book 0 Book 1

Note: Preliminary book covers. Final version may look different.

My last five posts

My last five posts might need an explanation. These were my entries for the “76 Ethical Patrons Contest” held by the Stellar Reaches Fanzine.

Since four of them were not published, I thought that (even-though they were not good enough to publish in the fanzine), it might give some of the readers of this blog some ideas for some nice adventures.

I am thinking about starting my own contest, with a nice prize for the winner. (I have something that can be used as a prize and that traveller collectors might want. I bought it in a game shop in Birmingham for 99p many years ago.) More about that later. 🙂

Extra Imperial Grav-Ball

Patron: Grav-Ball Coach, Ex Grav-Ball Player
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: starship

Players’ Information:
Harry “Harmie” Mikowski is a Grav-Ball coach that has got a mission from his Grav-Ball League. Since he is currently not coaching any team, his mission is to spread the sport of Grav-Ball to the Imperial neighbors. The first place he is ordered to visit is the Zhodani Consulate. The group meet Harry at the starport at Jewell, where he needs to charter a ship to go to Cipango, Rio and Chronor to find some good athletes, so he can set up a team, that he can train and bring back to Jewell, to compete in a friendly tournament against some teams from the Spinward Marches.

Harry will pay standard charted fees, plus an extra Cr. 10000 per person to act as assistant trainers and helpers.


Original image by BobTheCorkDwarf. This file is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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Sophonts Rights

Patron: Activist, Reporter, Agent
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: long-jumping starship

Players’ Information:
In the local starport (in imperial space in the Spinward Marches) the group sees some activists handing out leaflets. The group will be given one by a girl, and they see that the activists work for a sophonts rights movement. The leaflet notes some minority races that are mistreated in the Spinward Marches. (The Chirpers at Vanejen, The Llellewyloly at Junidy, and the Clotho at Cronor.)

Later that day, the group will be contacted, (unless they have already called the com-number at the leaflet) by a woman who appear to be in her mid 30’s. She says that since the group has shown some interest in sophonts rights and since they have a starship, they might be able to help. The woman needs transportation to Cronor, to visit the Clotho enclave there. At Cronor, she will document the treatment of the Clotho by the Zhodani. She will need 2 tons of cargo initially, and then for the group to pick up a 1 ton cargo at the Jewell system once a month. At these monthly visits, the group will the get an opportunity to help her with some of the documentation work. She will stay at Cronor for 6 months. Since the sophonts rights movement have limited resources, she first ask if the group can help her for free. She will not offer more that standard medium passage and standard cargo fees. If pressed she says, “that the border trade should give the group enough compensation anyway, and remember that You get to work for a good cause”.


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