Starship Troopers

Not the stupid movie.. the book …. anybody else read it?

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  1. When you read the book .. you are going to see way many thought the movie was a let down… except Denise Richards of course “meow”. Have anything like that is Sweden…. I have always heard that Iceland has the best looking women in the scandinavian countires.

  2. Back on topic…

    I have now read the book, and I can see that it is very different from the movie. Although, there were some scenes in the movie that was similar to the book. In the movie, the infantry used WWII tactics, or sometimes even worse… Not so in the book. I understand the jump tubes in the (traveller) Kinunir ship a lot better now.

    Anyway, for anyone that have not yet read the book, I would recommend it. This is very good science fiction.

  3. Hi to everyone. I’m new to the board and the forum. I got interested in this site because of the cool counter generators, but to tell you, I haven’t played Traveller in nearly 20 years. I’m currently re-inventing the counter set for the Avalon Hill game “Starship Troopers,” using the existing counter producers. I’d like to know how to submit new sets of graphics to the site for use in the generators. I’m also looking for a nice set of “Bugs” for the Warrior and Worker icons, and to update the set to include the critters from the movie. I not only haveread the book, numerous times, but it was the first Heinlein novel I ever read, and the second science fiction novel I ever read (the first being “Dune Messiah”). I’m 48, been reading SciFi since I was 12… so I guess I could be an authority of sorts on “Starship Troopers.” The movie has its place – watch the bonus disk and listen to the commentaries. Heinlein was a visionary and a novelist, and would be the first to tell you he wrote for money – but he was not a screen writer or producer. The movie does capture the visceral reality of fighting these monsters (in truth, we probably would have lost were it not for a lot of Special Weapons being invented (Man-Pac NUCS, Bio-specific Nerve Gas, and “sensitives” or ESPers). Their brains were/are so foreign as to be totally alien (there’s a thought – watch the “Aliens” fliks to see how bad it is to go up against bugs). Compare the two Troopers, don’t try to make them match. They both have their place.

    – Z

  4. I read the book and saw the movie too. They’re both good, but the book is better as a version of the story than the movie. The movie is just a war movie based on the book.

    Did anyone else see the RPG they made of it?

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